Philosophy & Approach

My Yoga Philosophy & Approach
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What can yoga do for you?

I want yoga to be a vehicle for you to learn to fall in love with yourself and with your life. I know, this is asking a lot. But you must understand that it is a slow gradual process and there are absolutely no short cuts. For me it wasn’t until I was about 3 years into my practice, around age 22, when I started to see the light. It became very clear to me as I diligently continued to grow my practice that when you put in the good work, the results speak for themselves. I want you to be able to see your life from a place of awe. Not only the good days, but the crummy god-awful days too. I want yoga to help you to be able to see every experience as a gift, to be able to recognize your imperfections as the best parts about you, and to have a connection with your Self.

What can I give you when you study with me and follow my approach?

A yoga practice is truly individual. It is yours and yours alone. What I can do though is provide guidance to get you on your path, to begin to carve out your practice both on and off the mat. I can give you honest, loving instruction that asks you to look at your intentions, that honors your body, mind, and soul. It is always my deepest hope that I can provide a space and practice where you begin to see yourself in a new light. Imagine the way that you look at a person who you look up to immensely. Imagine the way you look at a person you have profound love for …

What if we could start to look at our own selves with such loving adoration and compassion? It is my deepest hope that I can help you begin to see yourself in such a way.

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