Philosophy & Approach

My Yoga Philosophy & Approach
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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetWhat did yoga do for me?

Yoga helped me heal from an eating disorder in my early twenties.

Yoga gave me a greater appreciation for my body – just as it is – rather than a constant desire to change or improve it.

Yoga made me look at my thighs and instead of criticizing them, I adored them for the very first time.

Through a regular yoga practice I started to cultivate a deeper connection with myself. It went beyond recognizing when I was hungry – but also when I felt sad and needed some time to process certain emotions. I started to really get to know myself, and in doing so, started to learn how to love myself.

Everyday, Yoga shows me what I am capable of. It also shows me when to say yes, and when to say no. To serve myself in the best way possible, as much as possible. And in doing this yoga allowed me to cultivate deeper, more honest relationships with the people in my life.

What do I want yoga to do for you?

I want yoga to be a vehicle for you to learn to fall in love with yourself and with your life. I know, this is asking a lot. But you must understand that it is a slow gradual process and there are absolutely no short cuts. For me it wasn’t until I was about 3 years into my practice, around age 22, when I started to see the light. It became very clear to me as I diligently continued to grow my practice that when you put in the good work, the results speak for themselves. I want you to be able to see your life from a place of awe. Not only the good days, but the crummy god-awful days too. I want yoga to help you to be able to see every experience as a gift, to be able to recognize your imperfections as the best parts about you, and to have a connection with yourself that makes you say I’VE GOT THIS.

What can I give you when you study with me and follow my approach?

A yoga practice is truly individual. It is yours and yours alone. What I can do though is provide guidance to get you on the path, to begin to carve out your practice both on and off the mat. I can give you honest, loving instruction that asks you to look at your intentions, that honors your body, mind, and soul. It is always my deepest hope that I can provide a space and practice where you begin to see yourself in a new light. Imagine the way that you look at a person who you look up to immensely. What if we could start to look at our own selves with such loving adoration and compassion? It is my deepest hope that I can help you begin to see yourself in such a way.

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