I have gotten so much from working with you, both in a mindful and physical sense. My primary motivation was therapeutic, rehabbing from injury, but gradually transcended to so much more.

Working with you has helped me to gain an entirely new perspective on my physical and metaphysical being. I’ve gained incredible strength, yet also learned to soften.

My whole experience practicing with you has been inspiring, enlightening, energizing… amazing. -J.L.

My sessions with Maggie really changed my life.  At the time we started our sessions I was struggling with my weight and suffered from serious back pain.  I was over 40, never lost the baby weight from my last child who had just turned 2, and I was miserable…  I tolerated my back pain until … it was so bad that I could not get out of bed … I had never done yoga, but I felt comfortable with Maggie and gave it a try. She told me that my body would feel better in a matter of weeks.  Much to my shock and elation, in a matter of weeks I did start to feel better, my body did find its way into the poses, and best of all … I lost weight! My sessions with Maggie really helped me manage the great amount of stress in my life.  Maggie is a wonderful instructor: she prioritizes safety, she is in tune with my needs/strengths/weaknesses, and she is incredibly patient yet firm when I try to talk her out of doing lunges. Thanks to her, I no longer keep the Tylenol within arm’s reach and I fit into all my pre-baby clothes.  I am grateful to Maggie for turning my life around.  I strongly and eagerly recommend her to anyone seeking a yoga instructor or holistic health counselor. -S. L.

Maggie helped me fix severe back pain related to sciatica within a few weeks. She is terrific at working around injuries if need be to provide a vigorous, enjoyable session. She is also really great about providing adjustments and offering advice and information on maintaining your at-home practice between sessions. -R. O.

Maggie is calm, focused, and attentive.  She pays attention to the needs of each student, and is able to work with people from a variety of different yogic backgrounds.  To top it off, she brings a confident and beneficent attitude to her teaching. -C. H.

With the help of my Tri Coach, Bob McKeown, and his relationship with CTF,  I was introduced to Health Coach and Ironman Maggie Converse. Maggie is a miracle worker! She showed me that healthy eating and regular exercise could transform my body. I lost 30 pounds in a few short months. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained Personal Records in each of my races through “free speed”. Maggie helped me learn the steps to healthy living. If you’re looking to live a healthier life, or prepare for triathlons/marathons then Maggie should be your health coach.  -K.L.

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